AKA, Ricky Rick And Now Cassper Nyovest Face The LGBTI Community

AKA, Ricky Rick And Now Cassper Nyovest Face The LGBTI Community

One mistake or joke about the LGBTI community could cost you a lot in this entertainment industry. This is true for several South African rappers who have had to explain themselves for posting something that hinted homophobia, with some having their sexuality being questioned after seen either supporting or hanging out with an openly gay individual.

Just Yesterday BET Award nominated SA rapper Cassper Nyovest (Refilwe Phoolo) found himself having to explain a tweet from 2012. This follows an encounter the artist had with a fan, who took offence to his comments. Apparently the fan only wanted a picture with the artist, an exchange between the two happened, where Cassper said the words “no homo”, which lead to the fan coming out publicly on twitter to express how offended he was by what the artist said.

The old tweet referenced Cassper commenting about a music video that Frank Ocean had made. A Frank Ocean who is proudly gay. When twitter trolls threaten receipts, best believe that they mean it. This according to the LGBTI community was a red flag in their books, labeling the rapper as a homophobic rapper with many expressing how they were not shocked with his recent attitude towards the fan. The noise about him being homophobic started picking up on twitter forcing the artist to then publish a video apologizing, and expressing that he was misunderstood and further indicating that he was not at all homophobic. The artist then went on to express his love to all gay and bisexual people.

Cassper this year alone performed at a gay pride event in Johannesburg in 2017. At the time rumors were making the rounds that the members of the LGBTI+ community were considering boycotting the march, because they did not approve of the venue and having a “homophobic” person as a headliner for the event. From this video it appears the artist has been terribly misunderstood. The artist has notably displayed his friendship with gay celebrity Somizi Mhlongo, who is going to be the MC for his upcoming Fill Up Moses Mabhida.

Artist who have had their fair share include rappers AKA and Ricky Rick.

Gay rumors about AKA being gay started making their rounds after pictures of the artist shirtless in a club hugging on another man leaked. The artist wasted no time addressing all the rumors on twitter. Further expressing that he was not bothered at all for being called gay. Pointing to the fact that, in this time and day, with how the world is evolving, no one ought to be offended for being called gay. Hopefully insinuating that being gay should not be seen as a problem to anyone.

Rapper Ricky Rick found himself addressing similar comments questioning his sexuality. This happened after the artist had liked and commented the words “beautiful” on a male model’s picture on social media. Similarly the rapper expressed how backward he thought it was for one to think that his actions reflected what his sexuality. This has happened not once but twice, when the artist once again had to address the matter during a photo shoot for destiny man magazine, where he had to dress in an African traditional attire.
Some responses from the artist where

“We need to open our minds people. To be called gay for wearing something that has been there since the beginning of black culture is a bad sign of where we are as a people”

“For some of those who don’t know any better, you can still learn. But some of you have learnt and have no excuse to share such a high level of ignorance. Open your mind black people before it’s too late.”

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