Did Lunga Shabalala Finally Get A New Girlfriend

Did Lunga Shabalala Finally Get A New Girlfriend

TV Host Lunga Shabalala is one of South Africa’s finest bachelors who has done his very best to keep his private life especially relationships private. The actor recently announced via his Instagram that he is officially accepting girlfriend applications. This came off as a joke at first seeing that his reputation as a serious, faithful boyfriend has been tainted by his past relationships and personality however, a lot of willing participants still took him very seriously, wasted no time and made contact with the sexy Men’s Health November Cover Guy. On his official announcement he said

“If you don’t get a reply to your DM within 3 working days, consider your application unsuccessful”


A few social media users where offended by Lunga’s stunts. One lady sent Lunga a scathing message asking what he is bringing to the “table besides some abs and a self absorbed personality?Nothing” she said. This DM might have touched a nerve because Lunga went on to post 5 instagram video posts explaining his stunts. in his explanation he said that the whole “girlfriend application” thing was a mere joke. He laughed that journalists blew it out of proportion calling their articles a result of a slow day.

Watch Lunga Explain His Girlfriend Application Stunts

Lunga Shabalala closed by saying he would never actually look for a partner via instagram or social media whatsoever. He will continue to keep his love life private and this was just all for laughs.

[Images & Video Credits : Lunga Shabalala Instagram/Story’s & Twitter]

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