Gigi Lamayne Tackles Depression And Gets Discharged

Gigi Lamayne Tackles Depression And Gets Discharged
Depression thought it had another artists life to steal but this artist said Not now and Not me.

Female Rapper Gigi Lamayne posted and deleted a tweet on the 3rd of November that caused quite a social media frenzy leaving social media users a bit confused and even more worried for her well being. The tweet read “7 July 1994 – 3 November 2018” her birth date and a DEATH date. The tweet got social media users worried because it alluded to the fact that she was going to die on the 3rd of November. Reports came out that Gigi had been admitted to hospital and was in a stable condition.

Gigi Lamayne assured everybody that she is going to fight this depression with all her might by posting a picture of her palm with the words.



“Awake. Wasn’t time huh,” she captioned it.

Her encouraging tweet lead other twitter users to feel comfortable enough to share their own experiences with depression. Her fans, family and people who do not know her showed her love and wished her well. Recent reports claim that she has been discharged from hospital and that she is feeling much better & ready to heal.

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