Heavy K Does Not Need Donations For His Son’s Treatment

Heavy K Does Not Need Donations For His Son’s Treatment

Heavy K finds himself between a rock and hard place after sharing how difficult it is to raise a child with special needs. The DJ recently took it upon himself to announce on twitter that he is going to raise 2 million rands so that his son who suffers from cerebral palsy can get the treatment that he needs. In an interview with TshisaLive the award winning hit maker shared the deep love that he has for his son. The star said his son is his biggest motivator and inspiration.

“Being a dad has been and still is amazing. It was unfortunate that our first-born did not get enough oxygen when he was born‚ which damaged his brain and affected his ability to move. That part is challenging‚ but at the same time I believe that God doesn’t make a mistake. My son is not a burden. With him God is testing my trust in him.

Twitter users where so moved by his revelation and his story was shared on news blogs and on other social media platforms. Some people offered to donate some money towards his goal and some encouraged him to stay strong as they related to his situation. All seemed great until a week later when Heavy K posted that he bought himself a new car as an ealry birthday gift. The car he bought himself if a S63 AMG worth 2 million rands.

Quickly social media users called him out some calling him insensitive and a scammer for allegedly begging for donations for his son and then a week later buying a car worth 2 million instead of taking all that money towards his sons needs.

Heavy K swiftly rubbished the tweets by clarifying that he does not need any donations for his sons treatment. He also said he has been buying AMG’s long before the donations tweets. The DJ is one of the most hardworking artists in South Africa and his work speaks for himself. He is highly decorated and respected by other fellow artists.

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