Sophie Ndaba’s New Body Transformation Gets People Talking

Sophie Ndaba’s New Body Transformation Gets People Talking

The colorful diva actress, Sophie Ndaba finds herself in the middle of yet another social media tornado following her recent body weight loss and transformation. The actress who is known for being very curvy shared a picture of her self with Somizi during an interview with Metro Fm looking much slimmer and quickly social media users gave her compliments and some where very curious to find out how she managed to shed off so much weight in such a short span of time.

I think I’ve overworked on it, but I’ve worked on it and you can never lose when you’ve lost so much weight, and I’ve really, really worked on it because I just wanted to be a new me, a new everything. And I think more importantly, just leading a healthy lifestyle cause that’s the highlight of the struggles I had for many, many years. I was obese, and I think in South Africa obesity is not addressed.”

Unfortunately not everyone was happy or taking this new revelation about her new body transformation very well. A couple of pictures of her “before and after” circulated social media platforms captioned with the most negative comments from speculations that she is now HIV+, to some celebrating that life/karma has finally hit her hard following the rumors that she stole Lichaba her current boyfriend from another woman.

Sophie Ndaba has revealed that she is living with diabetes. In her defense she said that she’s lost both her parents to the disease and is now fighting it daily to live for my children and family.

I’m an ambassador for those of us suffering from diabetes and those who are obese but too scared to fight. I will never hide for anyone. Life too precious! ”

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