Is Business MalcomX A Wolf In Sheep Skin?

Is Business MalcomX A Wolf In Sheep Skin?

It is not a great thing in any movie when the hero becomes a villain. There is a saying in english that goes  “some human beings are just simply wolves in sheep clothing”. but wait this is not a movie. MalcomX a Johannesburg businessman known as a friend of the homeless, the hungry and the needy who is now an internet sensation since he began using social media to showcase his random acts of kindness, now finds himself having to explain a past he had allegedly tried so hard to hide. He has a very positive reputation and the man has done it all, from stopping buses and giving stacks of money to passengers boarding, to strangers sitting on the streets and how can we not notice his love for  visiting university students and showering them with money, groceries, toiletries and other necessities the list goes on and on. He is also the same guy who allegedly helped the now megastar Rapper AKA to get his foot into the music industry, something AKA himself has publicly acknowledged.

But where there is smoke there is also fire. He has had his fair share of drama attached to his name which includes ending his friendship with Diva Khanyi Mbau because in his own words ‘She is a morally challenged Girl”, to fraud allegations and off course baby mama drama. So many girls have come out to say they are carrying his baby and  although some come at him out of spite and jealousy, but one particular story stands out and seems to have hit a nerve. This particular baby mama story has gained traction and captured the attention of social media users. A young girl by the name Yandi took to instagram to post claims that MalcomX is the baby daddy of her daughter and posted receipts of conversations they had adding up to their break up. Swipe Left on these posts.

MalcomX quickly responded to her claims by posting a statement but social media users where not buying his version of events, some taking offence to his choice of words. Majority of his followers lashed out at him for not being adult enough to solve this matter considering the positive energy he loves to share to his followers and some advising him to not ignore the situation entirely as that raises a lot of red flags.

Nobody is perfect and we cannot judge anybody for walking blindly. MalcomX has won the hearts of thousands of South Africans for his generosity and his calm but quaky attitude. He has never been seen popping expensive champagne bottles, groping women or showing off expensive cars and houses. MalcomX is a role model and we believe his followers expect him to lead by example. This would send a strong message to other men who are currently battling with accepting responsibility. Nobody is a wolf in sheep skin, including him because there is true genuineness in him and in every human being. Learning never stops. DO BETTER MALCOMX.

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