Kelly Khumalo Feels Racially Attacked By A Magazine Headline

Kelly Khumalo Feels Racially Attacked By A Magazine Headline

Kelly Khumalo is causing quite a social media whirlwind lately. Her ‘Boyfriend” Chad Da Don has literally flooded and taken over her own personal Instagram account. The talented songstress takes him everywhere she goes and to be honest they both look comfortable and happy with each other. We first got introduced to Chad when Kelly posted the Behind The Scenes shots of a music video that she personally shared however the BTS scenes received a lot of negative backlash but also triggered conversation all because of Kelly Khumalo’s choice of clothing and the somewhat “groping” dance moves that both Kelly and Chad where doing for the music video.

Most people including her fans assumed that it was all a promo stunt for their collaboration but the moment Chad spent an entire weekend with Kelly in Mpumalanga just to celebrate her birthday, we all knew that there was a little bit more to them than just music.

It was not a shock that media companies and blogs wrote articles about both of them, as they should but one particular headline did not sit well with Kelly. Move magazine had the couple on their cover and used the heading “KELLY MADLY IN-LOVE WITH MLUNGU.” In reaction, Kelly posted the magazine cover on her social media sites and sent out a warning threat to the publication saying she is so coming for them, not only for the headline but also for the old Sh*t they have written about her. Kelly further responded to a comment and said that she has warned them before but they still continue o write

“I can’t help but feel this headline is very racist, who still sees color in this day and age, it could have ended with Kelly………………………….

It is not really surprising that social media trolls and gossip blogs get a jolt out of mocking a ridiculing Kelly Khumalo for her lifestyle choices and her past, but the star as seen in this recent tweet will no longer be keeping her cool. The star is all prepared to throw clap-backs and punches to all negativity that comes her way as seen on this recent tweet.

Move Magazine has Apologized to Kelly Khumalo and her “Boyfriend” Chad for their choice of words on their magazine headline.

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