Kenny Kunene Baby Billionaire No.2 On The Way

Kenny Kunene Baby Billionaire No.2 On The Way

The self-proclaimed “Sushi King”, reality tv star, ex-con, father, grandfather and business man, went off the market when he solidified his love for Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga In a very lavish traditional wedding in March of 2017.

Kenny has not fallen short of showing us all and how you need to express your love for the person you intend to spend your whole life with. This not only includes his wife, but we see that Kenny spoils his children in the most lavish way possible. We can see this from the Kunene’s new member Baby Remo, Born in May of 2017, who has an instagram page dedicated to them, nicknamed “Baby Billionaire”.

Why “Baby Billionaire”? Guess its something to do with Kenny’s love for luxury and the finer things that come with it. Kenny has not fallen short of needing to express how, he would spoil his kids unashamedly, because they deserve it. Expressing once in a post, that the Kardashian-West family are also uncompromising about it, and why should he be judged for doing the same for his kids.

But recently, in an interview with Sunday Sun, the couple confirmed that they are indeed pregnant with baby number 2. Refusing to reveal the gender of the baby, Kenny has assured us all to expect nothing less when it comes to baby number 2.

We look forward to Whitney’s healthy and successful birth of their baby, and wish them well in all that life has to offer.

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