Lady Zamar Once Tried To Commit Suicide

Lady Zamar Once Tried To Commit Suicide

Yamikani Janet Banda, known professionally as Lady Zamar shared a very powerful thread via her twitter account highlighting the big conversation in the room affecting our media personalities, and especially young people. which is depression.

The award winning “Collide” hit maker who always stands by her values and beliefs took to twitter to openly share how depression almost stole her own life at a very young age. Lady Zamar started in the industry as a collaborative artist, collaborating with DJs until her song ‘Mamemodi” with Junior Taurus shot her to fame

She tweeted that society is ruining the lives of so many peoples lives by putting them in a box and not allowing them to freely open up and speak out on how they truly feel. Society does not allow people to share their dreams and their truest desires. Zamar said Black people are not taught that Depression is a real thing. So many family’s have lost their loved ones to depression which she believes leads to mental illness. The topic surrounding depression and anxiety is still a taboo topic in most black families. Music lovers are still mourning the passing of the late rapper HHP who sadly took his life after suffering from depression. Just last week, news broke that female rapper Gigi Lamayne was hospitalized after she tried to commit suicide because of depression but luckily, she survived and is recovering.

i hated my life and for the life of me couldn’t understand what was going on…….

Lady Zamar shared that when she was 16 years old, she too tried to take her own life because she did not understand why things where not working out in her life. Lady Zamar said she used to hate herself so much. She was treated for mild depression and took therapy sessions for months and was fortunate enough to find somebody who was willing to listen and understand her situation. Lady Zamar says people still tease her till this day for her fashion choices and colorful character but she deals with it in her own way. Lady Zamar strongly believes that depression is also a source of mental illness and if left unchecked, can lead to death.

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