Meagan Good & Her Hubby Touch Down South Africa

Meagan Good & Her Hubby Touch Down South Africa

Actress Meagan Good and award-winning rapper T.I. are currently in the country in Capetown shooting a movie titled Monster Hunters. The movie is a film adaptation of a video game of the same title.

Meagan who is married to pastor Devon Frankiln spent a few weeks away from hubby and offcourse she was missing him so much. She asked him to fly all the way from America to South Africa and guess what, he did and we are not really shocked because If you are dating a beautiful talented woman like Meagan you would fly half-way round the world just to be with her. Here is what her husband had to say.

The Mrs is shooting in South Africa and I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 how important is it that I come? She said 11. So I got my butt on a plane. It took me 9,967 Miles, 32 hours and 3 Continents to get to her but I made it! From LA to SA (South Africa)! Happy wife, happy life!

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