Nasty C & His Girlfriend Sammie 6 Years In But What’s So Special About Her?

Nasty C & His Girlfriend Sammie 6 Years In But What’s So Special About Her?

Nasty C and his girlfriend Samukeliso Zulu known as “Sammie” both celebrated their 6th year relationship anniversary yesterday. The couple have been together since high school Grade 9 at Nuz Junior High in the township of Umlazi, Durban. Nasty C has always been very tight-lipped and extremely private about his relationship with Sammie but this year, he began posting cute pictures of both of them together with the most sweetest captions. 6 years in a relationship for a 21 year old is no joke and it makes one wonder, what is so special about this girl?

Well in recent interviews Nasty C revealed that in the beginning of their relationship he did his very best to not expose her to his growing fame so that she could focus on her studies since she was doing her final year in high school. She knew about Nasty C’s rapid rise to the top of the rap game and understood. Sammie did not try to compete with him but rather supported him through it all. In his own words Nasty C said,

She’s cool now and understands that she’s a part of it. She’s blown up too now. Since we’ve kind of went public‚ she even gets stopped for pics and stuff and she smiles and takes the selfies,”

Sammie has also stuck with Nasty C despite him allegedly cheating on her numerous times. Unlike some girls who go and spill dirty laundry about their partner especially during tough times and break ups, Sammie has never spoken one bad thing about him. It is no news that he has written about his girl on his first album Bad Hair and, of course, his most recent offering, Strings and Bling. Nasty C confessed in his song ‘SMA (Send Me Away) that she has stuck with him even after he acted brand new towards her during his rise to fame including details of their fights and how their love conquered all.


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Pictures Cred. Nasty C, Sammie, TshisaLive

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