So What Really Happened In Dubai?

So What Really Happened In Dubai?

The hashtag #HoeIsLife flooded the streets of Dubai twitter this past weekend and If you are somebody who follows social media trends closely like us you would have noticed the traffic that took place this past weekend to Dubai. A lot of huge names both local and international spent a good amount of time in that city that has the most tallest glass buildings, the fastest and latest cars, the biggest parties, the most beautiful hotels and arguably the wealthiest people in the land. Dubai has become a favorite destination for most of our socialites and a dream for their followers.


Although people have associated traveling to Dubai as a #HoeIsLife activity it is not always like that. Some of our media personalities and socialites flew to that beautiful city in the United Arab Emirates. We know Bonang Aka Queen B and her bestie Babalwa Mneno are still in Dubai. Other personalities that traveled include DJ Cosmo,  Babalwa Mneno, Tebogo Thobejane, Dorothy and many more others. So what brought them there, well for starters the One Africa Music Festival took place this past weekend. In the past the festival has been celebrated in New York, London and Nigeria but this time the organizers brought it to Dubai. Not only that, American rapper Fabolous flew in with a bunch of his close wealthy friends to throw one of the biggest parties, considering that it was his birthday month. Nasty C was scheduled to perform in Dubai but we cannot confirm if he actually did perform.

So what else really happened? Well video footage of Davido falling on stage during his performance at the One Africa Music Festival is currently circulating on social media platforms. It is not abnormal for an artist to fall once or twice on stage during their music career span but we have reason to believe this was his very first time falling

What else happened? Well the Formula 1 Grand Pix race was taking place in Dubai this past week. This event draws in fast car drivers and admirers of such cars from all corners of the world and places them in one city, there after some major huge parties take place in yachts, clubs and hotels. We spotted a few of our dear media personalities in some of those parties. We can tell you now that most of our celebrities have done their absolute best to not show their faces or get pictures taken in the Beautiful city Dubai.

Our brother Wizkid had to do his very best to stay focused so he could give a great performance at the festival. Soon after his performance the rapper had to quickly fly back home. It is reported that his body-guard got diced on the face with a machete after trying to protect Wizkid from an angry club owner. Allegedly Wizkid owes the club manager a huge amount of money for alcohol he has been buying on credit and they felt very offended, since that very same night he decided to arrive in a Lamborghini.

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Extremely Graphic: #Wizkid’s bodyguard butchered for defending him . . Roy Emmanuel, on Thursday, 15th of November, 2018, narrowly escaped being hacked to death while defending his boss, Wizkid, in Lagos, Instablog9ja can confirm. . . We, exclusively, gathered that Roy was at club DNA, when the owners of the club started arguing with him that Wizkid didn’t buy the Lamborghini Urus he, recently, posted via his Instagram story. . . Their claim was that he is owing the club millions of Naira for drinks bought on credit, and so, buying such car doesn’t make sense, but Roy defended his boss, saying he will clear his debts once he returns to the country. . . However, when the bodyguard stepped out of the club, he was deeply macheted on the face. His attacker fled immediately, but it was later alleged that the suspect is the bouncer of club, who is currently on the run. . . Roy was later seen talking with one of the owners of the club, shortly before being rushed to an undisclosed hospital, where he is currently recuperating. [Swipe to see the extremely graphic images and video]

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