We Regret Says The Mpisane Family

We Regret Says The Mpisane Family

The Mpisane Family is one of the most scrutinized family in South Africa by media and the public because of their wealth, the marriage saga and the lifestyle and fashion choices of the family members. To celebrate their parent’s wedding anniversary the family posted a video of Sbahle Mpisane in hospital in full makeup, with flowers surrounding her. The Fitness Guru Sbahle Mpisane looked like she was doing great and on her road to recovery after that horrific car accident.

Andile Mpisane posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday, wishing their parents a happy anniversary but people did not take this well. The video post received massive negative backlash and some social media users called him and his family out for making his sister do a video whilst in hospital on recovery. Later. Andile was asked to take down the video post by his family who regretted posting it in the first place. He took to instagram to say,


Kindly note I’ve taken down my sister @sbahle_mpisane recovery video on my page, after some malicious attacks towards me, my sister and Family. The video was to inform the public of the Great progress and recovery stage of her state… after the tragic accident she had as people were gossiping all negative rumors on social media ,newspapers about her which pains me dearly and my family. Thanks very much for the continuous support and prayers and note that my sister Sbahle appreciates each and every one of you Siyabonga.”


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