Zakes Bantwini Might Sue This Artist

Zakes Bantwini Might Sue This Artist
Musician, record producer and record executive Zakes Bantwini is not happy about Davido’s artist who he alleges is using his instrumental for their latest music video song. Zakes Bantwini whose real name is Zakhele Madida is well-known for his 2011 hit song “Clap your Hands”, featuring Xolani Sithole, from his album Love, Light and Music. The award-winning music producer owns his own Music Record Labels, and is a master in his own field. He is deemed a “god” of house beats for having that Midas touch and turning every beat he produces into a hit, this is why no artist can get away with using his beats without crediting his name. The 37-year-old also has a Diploma in Jazz and has contributed to establishing what is known today as Durban Kwaito Music a the genre that is a mixture of house beats and kwaito lyrics.
So many artists have been accused of copyright infringement like distruction Boyz accused for stealing “Omunye”, Vusi Nova pinned down for ” Asphelelanga” and who can forget Aka accused for stealing his diss track “Composure”. Dremo, a recording artist and songwriter signed under Davido’s own recording label is under fire for using one of Zakes Bantwini’s beat for his song “Bigger Meat”. Zakes referred to Dremo’s beat to his song “Bigger Meat” as being identical to that of his, “Clap You Hands. He quoted a tweet by Dremo saying,

“This is my song Clap Your Hands mos?…………..

Watch Bigger Meat by Dremo
Watch Clap Your Hands by Zakes Bantwini Feat. Xolani Sithole
Twitter hecklers wasted no time in calling Dremo a ‘Thief’. It appeared many shared the same views expressed by Zakes and agreed that indeed the song’s instrumental was identical to “Clap Your Hands”. Zakes went on to express how he will do whatever it takes to take credit because he produced the beat.
Picture Creds : Zakes Bantwini Twitter and Instagram.
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