Zulu Mkhathini & Ayanda Thabethe Broke Up Really

Zulu Mkhathini & Ayanda Thabethe Broke Up Really

We hate to agree with everybody but it seems like 2018 is dealing with everybody’s relationship and if that tide has not come your way hold on tight and be grateful. According to a report by Sunday Sun the two love birds Mthoko “Dash” Mkhathini & Ayanda Thabethe have called it quits. Their break up comes 3 months after they both flew to Greece with jewelry brand Daniel Wellington. Sad news but they have both deleted pictures seen of both of them on both their Instagram pages dating to 2017. Rumors of their recent break up started early last week and nobody knows what led them to give up on each other.

Ayanda Thabethe has in the past done her level best to not talk about their relationship and romance however Mthoko on the other hand has publicly said that he wanted to not keep it a secret anymore as he loves her dearly but he would rather do whats comfortable for her. The two have been dating for the past 2 years and its no secret they have been each other biggest supporters. Ayanda Thabethe confirmed on the 19th of November via her Instagram story’s that she is officially single. She said

“I’m Single again

ill always think of him

The world of Him”


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